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Essentials - ED Provider (2hours, 7min)

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Here is the course outline:

1. Welcome

pageText Start Here

2. Introduction

Length: 4min, 8sec

pageText Expanse Sign On (04:08)
quiz Knowledge Check - Introduction

3. Provider Tracker/Status Board

Length: 13min, 20sec

pageText ED Tracker Overview (04:13)
pageText ED Patient Sign Up (04:06)
pageText Accessing The Workload Routine (01:53)
pageText Processing Workload Messages (02:11)
pageText Corresponding With Patients Via The Portal (00:57)
quiz Knowledge Check - Tracker/Status Board

4. Patient Chart

Length: 38min, 46sec

pageText Accessing a Patient Chart in the ED (00:31)
pageText Patient Chart Overview (03:32)
pageText Patient Chart Summary Tab (02:05)
pageText Patient Chart Activity Tab (02:37)
pageText Patient Chart History & Problems Tab (01:00)
pageText Patient Chart Administrative Tab (01:32)
pageText Patient Chart Other Clinical Tab (06:56)
pageText Patient Chart Diagnostics Tab (03:02)
pageText Patient Chart Provider Notes Tab (01:46)
pageText Patient Chart Nurse Allied Health Tab (00:38)
pageText Patient Chart Medications Tab (04:48)
pageText My/Patient Widget (04:32)
pageText Chart Widget Customization (05:47)
quiz Knowledge Check - Patient Chart

5. Order Management

Length: 31min, 52sec

pageText ED Order Sets (10:33)
pageText Placing A Basic Medication Order (04:22)
pageText Placing An IV Medication Order (00:39)
pageText Weight Based Dosing (01:13)
pageText Ordering A Continuous IV Infusion (00:45)
pageText Submitting Orders (01:34)
pageText Editing Or Stopping Orders (01:09)
pageText Manage Transfer: Admission From The ED (11:15)
pageText Stopping Or Editing Transfer Orders In An Active Transfer (00:22)
quiz Knowledge Check - Order Management

6. Documentation

Length: 16min, 36sec

pageText ED Documentation Overview (07:01)
pageText Using Quick Text (02:17)
pageText Creating Quick Text (01:16)
pageText Using Provider Typicals (01:34)
pageText Creating Typicals Outside Of A Document (02:23)
pageText Creating Typicals Inside Of A Document (01:07)
pageText Editing Typicals (00:58)
quiz Knowledge Check - Documentation

7. Discharge

Length: 22min, 57sec

pageText Accessing The Discharge Plan (01:21)
pageText Reconciling Problems at Discharge (00:41)
pageText Med Rec Upon Discharge (07:53)
pageText Adding Instructions & Forms (03:22)
pageText Creating a Referral (02:16)
pageText Discharge Order (00:45)
pageText Acute E-Prescribing Overview (06:39)
quiz Knowledge Check - Discharge

8. Survey

pieChart Survey

9. Next Steps

pageText Next Steps
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